"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Fullness of Joy." -Psalm 16:11


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God's Little Princess

The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace;
Her clothing is woven with gold.

Psalm 45:13

Messiah International Ministries is a church in Bedford, Ohio on a mission.

Messiah offers you a way to worship in Spirit and truth, to be immersed in anointed Bible preaching, to connect with a family of true believers, and to find out where God would have you serve in ministry. Everything about Messiah has been designed intentionally to make it easy for new visitors to feel right at home. We are very proud of what God has accomplished here at Messiah, and we welcome you to come check it out, to see if this is where God would have you be home in the Bedford area.

A church with Spirit-filled worship.

Worship without the Holy Spirit is not worship at all. Every Sunday morning, we stir up the gift of God within us to bring praises appropriate to the greatness of Jesus Christ. The Bible says the God is “enthroned in the praises of Israel” (Psalm 22:3). What does that mean? It means that God has promised that something supernatural happens when His people set aside time to focus their hearts on Jesus – on His kindness, mercy and abundant grace – and lift our voices to praise Him. We are almost literally whisked into His presence, and we can tangibly sense that He is accepting our worship. When the Bible tells us the we are to “enter His gates with thanksgiving and his gates with praise” (Psalm 100:4), our experience tells us that God is not describing a mere etiquette for the appropriate way to approach our King. It is in fact a recipe. When we praise Him, we come into His presence, and it is a fantastic experience.  The Bible tells us that in presence there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17). That means that in worship, we can experience breakthroughs in the areas of holiness and forgiveness.  We leave worship changed. At Messiah, we don’t sing songs to enjoy the sound. We are praising a living God, who longs to enjoy the love of His children (cf. Matthew 23:37), children He Himself loves and gave His only Son to die for. When we worship Him, He comes.

A church with anointed preaching.

The ministry of the Word is central to life at Messiah. Only the Word of God can keep us from doctrinal error, can pierce our hearts with truth, and truly introduce us to the genuine God-man who is Jesus Christ. Through the centuries, many religious movements have come and gone, being based on rules and idea invented by people, just as the Apostle Peter warned us (cf. 2 Peter 2:1). By being students of God’s Word, we can be assured that we are worshiping the true Jesus Christ, and not an imposter invented by false teachers. This is important, because only the true Jesus – the Son of God and a man without sin – could become sin for us and die on the Cross in our place. There is one saving faith, and that is faith in the finished work, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, described in the Gospels and explained in the Epistles. No other Jesus can save. We also believe – and have experienced – that a single passage of Scripture preached to a sanctuary full of people can be carried along by the Holy Spirit convict one listen of sin, while another is brought to faith, and yet another is encouraged in their adversity. One listen hears the Word and dies to sin; another hears the same Word and comes alive in faith. No human message has this power, and it is backed with a promise: His Word will not return void (cf. Isaiah 55:11). At Messiah, you can always expect a Spirit-filled Word from God.

A church where strangers become family.

A father loves to see his children getting along. Our Heavenly Father is no different. He said, “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:133). Jesus said that our love for one another would be a sign to the world that we belong to Him, and in John 17, He prayed that we would be a people who stuck together. Since we know Jesus’ prayers are always answered, John 17 means that if aren’t getting along, if we aren’t living together as one, we are not really His church at all. So we take fellowship very seriously at Messiah International Fellowship. We want every visitor, every member, and ever leader, to know they are loved not only by their Savior, but by their brothers and sisters in Christ to. For us, this means actively forgiving one another, reach out to others in our church – people like us and people who are not at all like us – and making sure that everyone knows they are loved and appreciated.

A church where you can find your purpose.

Every Christian has been given spiritual gifts – talents, affinities, knowledge, experience or passion – that makes them useful for building up the church (cf. Ephesians 4:12) and for service to our King (1 Peter 2:5). By getting in touch with the way God has shaped you for ministry, you can reach your full potential in Christ. You will also find the joy that comes from being in His will. Sometimes, by understand God’s calling, believers are able to find true greatness. At Messiah, we want to make sure every member finds and develops their God-given talents. Just as Philip was led by the Spirit from place to place (cf. Acts 8:26), we encourage you to volunteer in diverse areas so you can see where God would have you serve.

Come visit this Sunday.

Perhaps you came to this website because the Lord would have you visit us this Sunday to see if perhaps this is where He would have you become a part of a church body. If so, we hope you will come see us, and get a taste of what God is doing here at Messiah International Ministries.